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electronicsale's Journal

Electronics & Accessories for Sale
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Buying and Selling Electronics
This community is made simply for electronics and accessories to electronics. Rules are stated below. Creator/Maintainer will delete selected posts if rules are broken.

1. Electroncs & accessories ONLY. Please do not post about clothing, jewelery, or even beauty care products. If you're linking to your sales journal or ebay links then write sales posts that are directed to your electronics. Nobody here wants to know if you have XXXL Dog Clothes with holes in them. If your journal or ebay does not include electronics the entry will deleted promptly and you may be removed from posting in the community.

2. Do not post about scamming sellers. Nobody wants to go to their friend's page to see 50 posts about one seller who took three days longer to ship an item than expected. If you've been ripped off then please wait until the weekly post about seller/buyer feedback or, if applicable, post in their feedback section on their account.

3. Do not post more than once a day. Again, nobody wants to see their friend's journal spammed up about one person's sales.